Retrograde is Destroy The Moon's most recently released album! It is a reset of their self-titled debut album. With all new recordings and arrangements, these old songs breathe new life as the full band comes together to finally give these songs the love they deserve.

If you haven't heard any of their older music, enjoy this brand new experience guaranteed to knock your socks off!

Everyone loves a good Compilation Album, right? Where'd All The Time Go is Destroy The Moon's twenty song compilation of Live Recordings, Demo Tracks, Remasters, and MIDI Covers. Hear songs old and new in a completely different light!

Hope I Turn Out Right is Destroy The Moon's third studio album! It was their first full effort with all four core members and it really shows. With hits like Cherry and Scary Movie, you'll definitely find something to tap your foot to!

If you've ever heard Destroy The Moon's popular song I Don't Trust The Weather, you better check out this album, Wayside. Along with Weather, this album jumps a every chance to bring new sounds and new emotions to the table.

In this self-titled debut album, Destroy The Moon was the birthplace of the classic DTM sound. Check our the re-recorded version of this album, Retrograde!